Welcome to Health Choice Care Health Choice Care, LLC. (HCC) was formed as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with the mission of improving the health status of our communities through the provision of affordable, evidenced based and community based care. HCC aims to promote and support quality medical homes through the re-investment of savings back into the community and through the meaningful use of health information technology and data analytics. HCC was formed by community health centers and Health Choice Network of Florida as a way to develop a provider-sponsored organization capable of providing quality care to our communities while adapting to changes in the health care environment. HCC focuses on achieving the three-part aim of improving the health of populations, improving the experience of care, and reducing per capita health care costs. Health Choice Care is jointly owned by Health Choice Network of Florida and eighteen community health centers located throughout Florida, Missouri, West Hawaii, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.
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Health Choice Network of Florida is a not-for-profit health center-controlled network governed by a Board comprised of its health center members. HCN members share common business, technology and administrative services, which leads to increased efficiencies, decreased costs and better and more accessible patient care. The network includes 23 centers, which serve over 500,000 patients, approximately 40% are uninsured. Our health centers provide primary and some specialty ambulatory care services, including behavioral health services. HCN members jointly invest in the Network and share in its governance, but each center maintains its independence as a health center with its own community-based board.
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